Playing Games

Whenever a few of us sisters get together we always play cards.  We usually play this game we call Jerry Lawrence, which is a game about sets and runs.  My mom and dad use to always play this game called teleflunky and Diane has recently been re-taught the game so we decided we would play that as well.  Always a fun time playing cards, and sometimes it can be a money maker as well.  
 Before we started playing cards, we were playing this other game that I brought with me.  Kev's friend Mark made it for me.  It's called Shut the Box.  It is a dice and numbers game.  Real simple and pretty fun.  We would take turns playing that and just keeping score to see who could do the best or even end up shutting the box.  Diane kept saying how it would be a good game to play if you were by yourself.  She just kept saying it and telling us over and over.  So all weekend if anyone sat down to play it we would let Diane know that _________ was playing the game, cause it was a good game to play by yourself.  It really was funny, but maybe you had to be there.  Plus any time she would end up shutting the box she would yell out, "Shut the Front Door!!!"

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