Labor Day Weekend 2012

Over Labor Day weekend we had some visitors.   Meredith, Dave, Michele & Rob came up to camp for the weekend.  Michele and Rob have a Rhino so they brought that up with them which made for some fun riding for everyone.  
 Camping of course consists of sitting around the campfire drinking and eating.  Alicia had also come up to camp and she turned us on to Banana Boats.  You slice a banana, put chocolate chunks in it, wrap it in foil and let it sit in the campfire.  Oh yummmmy!!!  Banana & melted chocolate.  Delish!!

We had a little bean bag or corn hole, (whatever you call it) tournament.  I was partners with Rob, Michele and Kev were partners and then Meredith and Dave.  It was fun and you really can score alot of points when the bags skip over the dirt and land on the board.  

 Here's a picture of the champions, Michele & Kev.
We did go for a hike one of the days they were all here.  We drove the truck, quads and Rhino to the trailhead that leads down to the lake.  See it way down there?  It's a little bit of a rocky trail and all down hill and you know what that means, it's all uphill when we want to go back.  

You can't even see Dave with all his camo on.
 When we got down to the bottom, Dave and Kev did some fishing.
 Kev got the one and only catch.  In the picture it may look like a fish but it's not.  Either way, he's the only one that caught anything.

 Alicia, being the good student she is, brought a book with her and sat and did homework....with a Beer!!!
 Lots of fun over the weekend, looking forward to doing it again.

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